Region:South West England

Technique:Kiln work, Leaded and stained, Painting


Discipline:Architectural, Installation, Public art

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Education, Exhibition

Product:Architectural, Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Installations, Public art, Sculptural, Wall pieces, Windows

Country:United Kingdom

Fabrizia Bazzo

It was the contemplation of old stained glass – masterpieces of craftsmanship and spiritual beauty – that stimulated my curiosity and desires to the point of abandoning my old life and embracing a new career. However, it is the contemporary approach to the craft, with the aid of modern technology, methods and processes, that breathes life into new exciting opportunities

I use a range of techniques to interpret my designs including acid etching, sandblasting, painting, staining and lamination. The approach is sometimes representational, or may be pictorial or abstract. The final result, however, is always a fluid response using the vibrant qualities of glass itself

Deep Blue - , Image Credit: D. Chelsom

Damasked , Image Credit: F. Bazzo

Wind Map (Detail) , F. Bazzo

Inside Out , F. Bazzo

The Other Face of the Moon (Detail) , F. Bazzo

Waves - , Image Credit: F. Bazzo

Glass installation for barn conversion - , Image Credit: N. Ruddle

Secret Garden (Detail) , F. Bazzo

One Path, One Map (Detail) , F. Bazzo