Region:South West England

Technique:Flame working, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Design, Functional, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition, Techniques

Product:Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Jewellery

Country:United Kingdom

Katrina Beattie

My career path started in a design office training to be an design engineer for an industrial ventilation company. I soon realised that I wanted to go to art college to draw curves and fulfil the desire to create craft with my hands. These early transferable skills have resinated with the precision elements within my glass. I have been making glass for over 30 years now and I enjoy a crossover of glass disciplines. Working in kiln forming, glass blowing and lamp working allows me to bridge techniques. I am passionate about teaching glass and keeping the art alive, creating transparency by sharing techniques. I currently teach at West Dean college near Chichester. I sell my glass in the Sussex guild shop in Lewes and can normally be found at Bath Christmas market every year. My rural studio is on the Somerset Wiltshire border.

Glass & Silver Jewellery , Katrina Beattie

Bubble Matrix , Katrina Beattie

Fused Glass Spoons , Katrina Beattie

Fused Lattice Bowl , Katrina Beattie

Bubble Matrix Bowl , Katrina Beattie

Fused Glass Murrini panel detail , Katrina Beattie

Fused Glass Bowls , Katrina Beattie

Blown glass bowls with copper wire inclusions , Katrina Beattie

Fused Murrini pattern detail , Katrina Beattie