Region:Greater London

Country:United Kingdom

Malvinka Bitelli

I am a restorer of antique and modern ceramics, stone and other materials . My creative practice is casting glass. This brittle yet malleable material is so transformed by heat making it challenging, interesting and at times, the most wonderfully unpredictable medium I have worked with. I have used recycled window glass to make a series of large, heavy vessels. Multiple high firings have resulted in stone like textures that reference the elemental sand. For my other core cast vessels I have used banas glass.

Erzsi's Bottle, detail , Agata Pec

Grey Bottle , Agata Pec

Erzsi's Bottle , Agata Pec

White Vessel , Agata Pec

4th Letter , Agata Pec

Nyolc , Agata Pec

Coexist , Agata Pec

Companions , Agata Pec

Black and Blue , Agata Pec