Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator, Student

Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Public art

Areas of Interest:Advertising, Competitions, Conferences, Education, Exhibition, Manufacturing, Marketing, Networking, Publications, Sponsorship, Supplies, Technical queries, Techniques, Workshops

Country:United States

Geoffrey Bowton

My artistic practice is invested in discovering new ways to promote military and veteran experience by introducing stories about army soldiers prior, during, and post service—to examine a soldier’s life and discover the perpetuating hardships from military service. I embody the psychic and physiological effects war has on the individual’s physical and mental health, through installation and sculpture.

Recent conversations with viewers, have instilled confidence about this work making a necessary difference in the arts, expressing that it needs more exposure. I am seeking ways to confront, discuss and relate to what these challenges present for not only myself, but other transitioning veterans. This work establishes new possibilities and ideas which I believe will contribute to a learning opportunity within the art and veteran communities, moreover, healing for those who need support.

PTSD 2 , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Series: lost components-flashlight , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Series: lost components-boots , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Effect: the soldier series , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Series: lost components-gloves , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Saints & Savages , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Series: lost components-notebook , Photo: Mario Gallucci

PTSD 1 , Photo: Mario Gallucci

Contagion Series: lost components-canteen , Photo: Mario Gallucci

PTSD 2 , Photo: Mario Gallucci