Region:Greater London

Technique:Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Functional

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Workshops

Product:Fine Art, Jewellery, Table ware, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

Instagram: #brendak142

Brenda [Bren] Keyte

BREN’S FUSED GLASS: framed glass pictures, bowls, plates, coasters, tiles, jewellery. I was first drawn to working with glass through seeing a TV programme about stained glass. I attended a taster course with an artist in Brighton, was completely hooked, and knew I had to explore further at a regular class. I found a local one and this satisfied my interest until I was introduced to kiln formed glass and I’ve stayed with this aspect of the art for the last 10 years. I have a Skutt Firebox kiln, but still enjoy attending a class at the Mary Ward Centre in Russell Square (London), where they have several larger kilns and other machinery for cold-working. It’s also very rewarding to work alongside other creative people. My preference now is to design and produce glass pictures, some framed and all to be wall hung: landscapes, seascapes, narratives, scenes of great variety.

I have exhibited in 2021 and 2022 at the Mall Galleries in Pall Mall, London, in the annual exhibitions of the Society of Marine Artists. All items were sold.
I also sell at local South London markets such as Merton Abbey Mills and Streatham Village.
In 2022 I took part in the Streatham Festival exhibiting glass art in the craft shop, Creative Soul and in the central library.

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A Windy day

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Rush hour

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Plant lady