Region:South West England

Technique:Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Decorative, Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Marketing, Networking, Techniques

Product:Architectural, Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Installations, Lighting, Sculptural, Table ware, Wall pieces, Windows

Country:United Kingdom


Caroline Frith

Having spent most of my working life in corporate finance and business management, I came to Glass working later in life but immediately knew that this was where my future would lie. Mostly self taught, learning through experimentation and trial and error, I now make glass pieces for sale, take commissions and run workshops in my studio on the South Cornwall coast.

Living right on the coast, the sea and ocean life is often my inspiration, whether it be water or marine life based. A recent request from a local restaurant for Mackerels started me on a path of studying our local sustainable fish and sea life and reproducing them in Glass. Giant flowers are also another of my favourites as is anything I can make with all the excess glass I have from my weekly workshops!

Circular Wave , Caroline Frith

Contemporary Vase I , Caroline Frith

Jellyfish II , Caroline Frith

Daffodil , Caroline Frith

3D jellyfish , Caroline Frith

Jellyfish , Caroline Frith

Seahorse , Caroline Frith

Blue ripples in driftwood , Caroline Frith

Enamelled Porthole , Caroline Frith