Region:South East England

Technique:Cold work, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Collector

Discipline:Decorative, Jewellery, Other

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition, Marketing, Networking, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Martin Cheek

Having made an award winning film as a student, I worked on several puppet animation projects including The Wind in the Willows, Paddington Bear, Noddy in Toyland and Portland Bill, before setting up my own production company, Cheeky films Ltd. For many years I was a part-time lecturer in animation at The Royal College of Art and a former art critic for the Daily Express. I now work full time as a mosaic artist. I have become increasingly interested in the applied arts, particularly mosaic, which is becoming more and more popular both as an art form and as a decorative medium. I regard my mosaic work as a logical progression from animation, both of which involve building a coherent whole, displaying character and movement, from thousands of tiny elements. I am particularly inspired by the natural world and relish the challenge of capturing its organic grace in such a seemingly uncompromising medium.

2008 Four Seasons Mosaic. Bradstow School, Broadstairs, Kent, UK
2008 Turner to Dickens Flagship Walking Route: Turner Mosaics, Holy Trinity School, Margate, Kent, UK
2008 Turner to Dickens Flagship Walking Route: Dickens Mosaics, Upton School, Broadstairs, Kent, UK
2007 Oast House Mosaic. Bower Grove School, Maidstone, Kent, UK.
2007 Totem Pole tiled panels. South Borough Primary School, Maidstone, Kent, UK.
2006 Snake tiled Panel. South Borough Primary School, Maidstone, Kent, UK.
2006 Turner Triptych. Thanet Mencap, Cliftonville, Kent, UK.
2005 Four Seasons Paving Slabs & Sundial. Thanet Mind Garden Gate, Kent, UK.
2000 Canterbury Tales Mosaic: The Priest.St Augustine’s Abbey Canterbury, Kent, UK.
2000 Asaratron. Unswept floor for museum entrance.Roman Museum, Canterbury, Kent, UK.
1999 Cheeky Birds Tree of Life. Sheerness Library, Kent, UK.
1997 The Tale of Taliesin Mosaic. The Museum of Modern Art Wales, UK.
1996 Peace Mosaic to celebrate the anniversary of V.E. Day. National Army Museum, London, UK.


Byzantine Peacocks


Pink Catfish

Oliver Postgate Memorial Mosaic: The Clangers

Pink Pheasant

Sicily Leopards

Bernese Hound