Technique:Casting, Flame working, Kiln work


Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition


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cheryl wilson smith

I strive to capture the emotion of the natural world that surrounds me. By manipulating the physical characteristics of powdered glass, I am able to achieve forms that resemble familiar land formations, and explore genetic memory and the passage of time . Ihas studied and been selected for residencies in the USA, Norway and Scotland. In 2014 she won the RBC award for glass and most recently has been awarded a Chalmers Fellowship to explore genetic memory as it relates to he sculpture.

My most recent project is an interactive glass installation that is currently touring. I continue to push the boundries of my sculpture by building larger and more intricate pieces, enjoying the quiet contemplation that goes with each piece.
My work is created by layering glass frit in a process very similar to 3d printing, except I am the printer and I fire these layers as a whole in the kiln .

Dearg Airc , cwilson smith

Frosty Balance , Shanon Kellestine

Fate , c wilson smith

Intensity , c wilsonsmith

21 Pillows Interactve installation , c wilson smith

Highland Airc , c wilson smith

Promises and lies; Rubicon , c wilson smith

Bent but not broken , c wilson smith

Winters' Breath , Shanon Kellestine

21 Pillows interactive installation , c wilson smith