Region:South East England

Country:United Kingdom

Clare Summons

My journey of creativity has been through many changes since completing my degree in Three Dimensional Design at WSCAD.I studied casting. Liquid to solid, positive and negative shapes exploring forms. Using a variety of casting clays and inlaying colour and pattern within the functional pieces. Creativity, through teaching became my world until I discovered fused glass. Fused Glass turned my world upside down. My dream of my studio at the bottom of my garden became reality. My passion for my learning found new channels and my personal fire was re lit. I see the world through colour and pattern, using drawing, collage and photography as the vehicles to help visualise my concepts/ideas for my glass

My work uses a range of techniques, which bring out the texture and the colour of the glass. I am drawn to the nature of the heat and all that changes within the kiln. The use of plaster and how this can add to the surface and depth of the piece intrigues my creative thoughts. The collaging of glass and the layering of colour , bringing out the vibrancy and energy of the piece.
I make one of large panels as well as functional pieces , bringing creativity and energy to the table