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Cressa Mclaren

I work mainly in kiln formed Glass. After studying Architectural Glasswork at the City of Glasgow college and having my second child, I set up Cressa’s GlassWorks in 2006. I'm based at the Briggait WASP studios in Glasgow, where I produces decorative contemporary craft for the home. ​I make a range of distinctive designs including, tableware,lighting and a collection of work 'Glass Meadow' as well as one-off commission pieces. My work is inspired by a deep love for flowers, colour and contrast. A childhood in rural Southern Ireland, London, India and times spent in my grandmother's garden have given me a lifelong passion for colour and flowers in their many forms. Fresh, vibrant and colourful, my pieces draw on this love of botanical forms, and also give a playful interpretation of the stylised retro designs of the 1950s. I uses a combination of strong colour and fine detail to create functional yet strikingly beautiful pieces. It is important to me that my work imparts the sense of playfulness and joy with which it is made.

Working mainly with kiln-formed bullseye, opaque and transparent glass, I use the techniques of fusing, slumping, draping and sandblasting the glass to create the bold outlines and contrasting colours that define my style.
at present my work is in the applied arts scotland exhibition in Edinburgh .

Tree blossom , Shannon tofts

Yellow daisy dish

Awakening flower , Damian shields

Pink tipped daisy , Shannon Tofts

dandylion clock dish

Passion flower