World country:United States

Country:United States

Douglas McGinnis

Emporia State University, BFA Ceramics (1991)

Using my glass blowing experience, I have developed a process for glass blowing with recycled bottles. I start with a red-hot bottle preheated in an electric kiln. Using my innovative tooling I precisely grasp it without damage and further heat and shape it in the glory hole. Using glass blowing techniques I transform the rigid glass containers into highly reflective organic shapes. The viewer will have a new appreciation and perspective experiencing upcycled glass bottles as sculptural art and may rethink everyday actions taken in this throwaway society.

Rose Window Rebloom Gallery , Douglas McGinnis

Blue Bottle Buds , Douglas McGinnis

40 oz Beer Bottle Pendants , Douglas McGinnis

Beer Bottle Chandelier , Douglas McGinnis

Champagne Bottle Pendant , Douglas McGinnis

Beer Bottle Urchin Gallery , Douglas McGinnis

Emerge #2 , Douglas McGinnis