Region:Greater London

Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work


Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Workshops

Product:Commission, Fine Art, Installations, Sculptural, Sculpture, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

County:Greater London


katharine Dowson

Ex RCA Sculpture, my inspiration comes from the scientific world. I use various materials but especially glass, which I use as a metaphor for a membrane, a fragile yet robust skin that allows light to pass through and reveal the interior world. Collections include The Wellcome Collection, Arts Council England Gift of Charles Saatchi, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Exhibitions include, Spectacular Bodies at the Haywood Gallery London, Head On at the Science Museum London, Brains: Mind as Matter at The Wellcome Collection. The British Glass Biennale 2006, 20012. The National Glass Centre Exhibition ‘Move as if Breathing’, ‘Edge’,The Glass Delusion’, ‘Transparent Femininity’, and ‘The Institute Of International Research In Glass Research Fellow 2013, work’. Other exhibitions include ‘New British Glass,’ Institute for Contemporary Art, Singapore and ‘UK Glass’, Glazenhuis, Belgium. In 2014 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation commissioned me for the project Art of Saving a Life. Currently I am in the Exhibition Spellbound: Magic Ritual and Witchcraft at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. See my short film of the work:

'Concealed Shield' Installation for 'Spellbound' Ashmolean Museum 2018 , Katharine Dowson

A Window To The Future of an HIV Virus . 2014 , Katharine Dowson and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

'River Of Life ' Installation, detail, Beijing 2019 , Katharine Dowson

Silent Stories 2010 , Katharine Dowson

'River of Life' Installation Beijing 2019 , Katharine Dowson

My Soul 2005 , Katharine Dowson

My Heart from an MRI Scan Feb 2013 , Katharine Dowson

Never Letting Go. (Coloured Stacking Rings) 2010 , Katharine Dowson

Memory of a Brain Malformation. 2006 , Katharine Dowson