Region:South East England

Country:United Kingdom

Anthony McIntosh

I am an eclectic artist working in a diverse range of media but am currently working in fused glass and ceramics. You can see examples of other work on my website.

My current fused glass work references Birling Gap and The Seven Sisters Country Park near Eastbourne. The coastline is constantly eroding and several of the cliff top cottages have over many years fallen onto the beach below. Evidence of this habitation can be found in fragments of these structures to be found above and below the timeline. The powerful currents, sandbanks and rocks have resulted in several shipwrecks and interesting artefacts can sometimes be found on the shore in addition to fossils from the cliff erosion. My current fused glass work reflects the sea and land around the Seven Sisters and that associated fragmentation.

'Cliff Fall, Birling Gap'

Fused Glass Pendants

Fused Glass Ring Dishes

Circular Mosaic Mirror

'Red River II'

Floral Form Vessels

'Gerbera Bowl'

'Mosaic Bowl'