Region:East Midlands



Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Functional

Areas of Interest:Advertising, Conferences, Exhibition

Country:United Kingdom

Phyllis Dunseth

I trained in Fine Art and stained glass originally. Later I gained an M.A. in Fine Art which benefitted my painting style and also gave me confidence in modern glass design.After working in glass at Central St.Martins, I am now using enamels and I work with kinectic glass sculpture also.

I studied Architecture and Glass at Central St Martins because I thought I needed to get some experience with commissions. Whilst there I created nest sculptures employing found objects and glass. At present I am working on a mural on the theme of athletes; my aim is to bring my gestural paintings into my glass practice.My aim would be to do a hospital or church piece but I am content in doing diverse work meantime such as school commissions and eccentric machines involving glass