Region:South West England

Technique:Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Networking, Techniques

Product:Fine Art, Sculptural

Country:United Kingdom



Jacky Edwards

A developing glass artist. Like many, I am one of those people who was brought up to get one of those so called real jobs, then got a bit trapped in the ups and downs of the general rat race, but desperately clung onto the respite of creative time and short courses. I am now in a place where I can start to really develop my skills in glass and establishing the stories and or emotions that I want to portray through my work.

Currently exploring the use of wafers and developing my Pate de Verre skills as I love the versatility of glass powder.
Recent projects include work for Flow Exhibition – Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, and Earth/Sea/Sky Exhibition at London Glassblowing Gallery

Summer Evening Sky , Jacky Edwards

Budding Branches Bowl , Jacky Edwards

World Journeys - Page 1 , Jacky Edwards

Sunny Day , Jacky Edwards

The Last Word , Jacky Edwards