Region:South East England

Technique:Hot glass


Country:United Kingdom


Eleanor Hughes

My work centres on my personal development and exploration as a glassblower and artist. I use the fluid nature of hot glass to pick up shards of coloured and textured broken glass. This results in an object that has pops of colour both within and on the surface. My pieces reflect the way I build layers and marks in my sketchbook; a chaos of colour and visual texture, whilst the forms resulting from the making process are distorted by the addition and integration of the shards. The use of colour is critical within my pieces, the built-up layers and effects are highlighted through the use of bright contrasting colour bursts. Originally informed by the build-up of texture found within nature, my work has rapidly become a form of self-expression. I develop my work through a cyclical process of mark-making and sketching, material investigations in hot glass, and back to drawing and mark-making. This self-informing loop is fundamental to my practice – each piece has a distinctive place within my developmental timeline. By making sculptural pieces, the lack of function allows the sole purpose and focus to be the piece itself; its intricacies, form, and colour.

'Summer' Close Up , Photography: Eleanor Hughes

'Harlequin' , Photography: Eleanor Hughes

Large 'Summer' , Photography: Eleanor Hughes

'The Fair' , Photography: Eleanor Hughes

'Summer' Pair , Photography: Eleanor Hughes

Small 'Summer' , Photography: Eleanor Hughes