Region:South East England

Technique:Cold work, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Decorative, Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition

Country:United Kingdom

County:East Sussex

Stephanie Else

I am an award winning glass artist who designs and creates vibrantly beautiful glass artworks and jewellery. Inspired by the colours and ever changing elements of nature, I strive to create beautifully tactile pieces whilst exploiting the natural translucent and jewel like qualities the glass possesses. I love the enigmatic nature of glass, never knowing exactly what a piece will look like until it comes out of the kiln. .

I use a variety of kiln forming techniques – combining surface texture, pattern and colour within my designs to generate striking glass panels and art pieces which transform with the light throughout the day.

I enjoy working to commission, creating beautiful bespoke pieces for clients.

I am proud to announce that I have recently been awarded the Stone International Art Prize 2019, and was a finalist in the 2018 London Contemporary Art Prize for my unique Sculpted Glass Panels.

CARNIVAL - Sculpted Glass Panel - Detail , S.Else/Glass In Fusion

BEACH - Sculpted glass Panel - Detail , S.Else/Glass in Fusion

Sunset & Sea - Textured glass window panels suspended on cable. , Stephanie Else/Glass in Fusion

Brighton Royal Pavilion - Framed Tile with 22ct Gold Image , S. Else | Glass in Fusion

EQUINOX - Sculpted Glass panel , Stephanie Else/ Glass in Fusion

INDIAN SUMMER - Glass Panel with 22ct gold detail , Stephanie Else | Glass in Fusion

MASQUERADE - Sculpted Glass panel , S. Else/Glass in Fusion

The Amber Wave - Glass Sculpture , S.Else/Glass in Fusion

TOPAZ - Sculpted glass panel , Stephanie Else | Glass in Fusion

Rainbow flower - Sculptural Dish , Simon Bruntnell