Region:West Midlands

Technique:Casting, Kiln work, Painting

Occupation:Artist, Student

Discipline:Design, Media, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Commission, Installations, Public art, Sculptural, Sculpture, Table ware, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

County:West Midlands

Gemma Newey

I’m currently a student at Univeirsty of Wolverhampton working on my degree in Glass and Ceramics. I’m a glass artists, focusing mainly in pate de verre, and I’ve recently developed my own unique way to throw glass on a pottery wheel. I will be mentioned in the upcoming book ‘Pate De Verre: The Material of Time’ written by Max Stewart and Tone Ørvik.

Glass throwing, glass painting and glass sculpting.


Ritual in Glass

Moonlight Healing

Thrown Glass - Stourbridge Glass Museum

Toxic Moon

Moonlight Healing