Region:South West England

Technique:Engraving Hot glass

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Workshops

Country:United Kingdom

Gill Mannings Cox

i'm a glassmaker and engraver specialising in `Graal',`Ariel' and `Edvin'. My MA (distinction) was awarded by Wolverhampton University and I spent some time at NorthLands, Lybster on a scholarship residency. Pieces are held permanently in the collection of the late Queen Mother; the V&A; Glasmuseet, Denmark; Koganezaki Glass Museum and Broadfield House.

Currently immersed in developing a project based on the estuary where I live. Scope for a wide range of visuals from stream down to sea. Moving on from my favourite exhibition `Deep Surface’, 2001. The most recent elements of this new exploration are long, (3-4 feet) blown boats, deeply carved with the tide racing past.. Then comes underwater, green and dark with otters, maybe a seal. (This is the Taamar)

SHIVERS Tall grey glass vase, with silver leaf and other inclusions, engraved , Ed Bremner

REGATTA , Lane End Studios

ANCESTORS closed-top vessel, five layers of 'Graal' 24 cms H , Andrew Worsley

OCEAN GOING 'Graal' bowl 26cms H; 32cms W , Lane End Studios

BRIDE 'Graal' bowl in hot-cast frame 30cms H , Lane End Studios

PISTE Engraved overlaid bowl 28cms H , Andrew Worsley

WAVE blown sculptural form, `Edvin' technique, carved. 47cms W , Gill Mannings Cox

BLADE , Lane End Studios

ANGEL 39.5 cms H; 35 cms W , Andrew Worsley

SURGE 'Graal' bowl 49cms W , Lane End Studios