Region:South East England

Technique:Kiln work, Leaded and stained



Areas of Interest:Publications, Technical queries, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Charles Goode

Charles was looking for a hobby medium where he could create functional and artistic designs to put his own style on his house décor – he discovered glass! Charles gained his inspiration from viewing stained glass works, especially Church windows, feeling the warmth and colour created by the light falling on and through these pieces of art. Today Charles is keen to continue his exploration of movement using the principle of molten glass and the unpredictable reaction of the different glasses at the higher temperatures than the normal fusing range. Charles is also working on bringing glass and wood together using the unique patterns of each to create harmonious pieces. Charles says: “Glass is glorious! because it is a fun hobby to do at home introducing colour, texture and movement”.

Tadpole Bowl - selection of glass heated to molten and dropped through a perforated steel plate

Coral Style Bowl

Picture - Fused Fish Scene with Crab & Muscle Additions

Breaking Wave - wall panel

Bowl Pot Melt via 3 No Vessels

Wall Panel - Photo of Dog Fused on