Phone:07561 821994


Region:South East England

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work


Discipline:Design, Functional, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Education

Country:United Kingdom

Haley Haddow

I grew up in London, United Kingdom, surrounded by a vast array of fashion, music, art and culture. Exposure to this eclectic mix provided me with a creative platform to explore using the dynamics of design, color and line within the world of kiln-formed glass.

I am an artist and designer who creates innovative contemporary kiln-formed art for galleries and private commissions. My work showcases an exploration of strong geometric influence in the form of sharp simplistic lines, married with bespoke engraved intricate graphic patterns, using a variety of specialised techniques.

Green Orinoco (Orinoco Flow Series) , @Sylvain Deleu

Origin , @Impact Designs

Lavendar Orinoco ((Orinoco Flow Series) , @Sylvian Deleu

Herringbone , @Impact Designs

Hamsa , @Jonny Back

Red Tide , @Angelika Bakou

Surfinia , @Sylvian Deleu

Blue Orinoco (Orinoco Flow Series) , @Sylvain Deleu

Harlequin , @Jonny Back