World country:Israel

Technique:Casting, Kiln work


Discipline:Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Fine Art, Sculpture


Haya Heller Degani

For many years words were the only form of communication I used. Today I use glass to express my ideas and interests. Most of my work is about social unrest and the presentation of the local-social-human situation. It tell stories, glass taking the place of words. However, being human also means being global… Overall, my character sculptures represent human fragility as I see it: man can face hardships and deal with adversity, but at some point he will break. Just as the internal tension in glass predicts future breakage so does internal tension within man predicts weakness. Only recently have I started taking a more abstract approach.

An Inner Journey , Haya Heller Degani

Dead End , Shachar Fleishman

Spirit , Haya Heller Degani

Erruption , Haya Heller Degani

, Shachar Fleishman

Blue Figurine , Haya Heller Degani

The Gate to Heaven , Haya Heller Degani