Region:South West England

World country:United Kingdom

Country:United Kingdom


Jacqueline Seviour

A glass artist crafting handmade fused glass landscapes and seascape pendants. Inspired by the stunning beauty of Dartmoor and Devon's coastal scenery, each piece is meticulously finished with a sterling silver bail, resulting in unique artisan jewellery named individually for a personal touch.

“I draw inspiration from keen observation, creative exploration, and boundless imagination. I endeavour to capture nature’s ever-changing beauty by infusing form and composition with a rich colour palette. I create scenes that are both representational and from my imagination. Given Dartmoor’s vastness and its diverse seasonal and weather variations, there’s a joy in creating these imagined places, which could feasibly exist in a fleeting moment, and naming each pendant brings them to life. “

Whispering Wilderness

Twilight Tapestry

Coastal Reflections

Whispers Among the Clouds

Mothacombe Moments

Twilight Tide