Region:South West England



Discipline:Fine art

Areas of Interest:Exhibition

Product:Fine Art, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

Jane Reeves

Jane works from her studio in Bristol and has a particular love of the Cornish coast, where the clear quality of the light, the energy captured where the sea meets the land and the refreshing spirit of the landscape define the content of her work. She uses enamel paints that fuse when fired in a kiln. They behave in a similar way to acrylic paints, are water based and mixable, and it is Jane’s unique understanding of the way they respond to firing that makes her work distinctive. Her 20 years of working and developing this technique has earned her a loyal following. ‘The glass itself is the palette – the nature of the sea, the way the colours seem to be contained within the waves, suspended in that moment just before or after the wave has fallen – it just seems to work beautifully in glass.’

Patch of Sunlight , Jane Reeves

Rolling Green , Jane Reeves

Wild Blue , Jane Reeves

Morning Sea , Jane Reeves