Region:East of England

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Hot glass


Discipline:Architectural, Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Manufacturing, Workshops

Country:United Kingdom

jon lewis

Jon has a hot glass studio in Harlow, Essex where he produces blown glass,sculptural work and architectural commissions. Jon’s first introduction to Glass making was in 1989 at Wolverhampton University. Over the years he has worked and exhibited internationally within many disciplines of glass, from blown glass pieces, to prestigious architectural projects.

A theme of Jon’s work throughout the years has been the synthesis of glass with metals. Light, colour and glass combined with, engineering, rust and corrosion.

On a different pathway, since 1995 Jon has been converging dichroic filters with glass, developing and evolving a body of work focusing on light and pure colour.

These two praxes of Jon’s artistic inquiry often merge in a single expression.

His commission work ranges from bespoke scent bottles to twenty metre high sculptural installations.

Compass , Jon Lewis

violescent , Ester Segarra

Orbic vessels , Jon Lewis

Sky Pyramid, Cairo , Jon Lewis

Lime and Violet Moon-rocks , Jon Lewis

Wizard Scent Bottle , Ester Segarra

Star Mine , Jon Lewis

Moon-rocks , Jon Lewis

Aperture One , Jon Lewis

Comet Nut , Jon Lewis