World country:United Kingdom

Country:United Kingdom

County:North Lanarkshire

Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Since I remember, I have always adored the beauty of stained glass. Sunbeams going through those colourful pieces of glass and making them alive mesmerized me. But I couldn't find the courage to try. The pandemic offered me some extra time, and I used this opportunity to start my journey with a glass. My first steps were based on books and tutorials, however, I felt soon that I need a more professional approach. I'm studying HNC Glass Art at the City of Glasgow College, which gave me a knowledge of more glass techniques and possibilities. Now, I know that I have started an endless adventure that absorbed me completely. I finally found what I was looking for. I began with the copper foil technique, but I quickly realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg. I found the fascinating world of warm glass and the beauty of glass painting. I can't give up any of these techniques, they are all passionate to me. And there are many others I want to try, tempting me with their possibilities. I found the glass a perfect medium to express myself and my vision of the world. The Narcissus Quagliata is my big inspiration. His technique of painting with light shows me the fresh approach to the glass and opened my eyes to new possibilities. His theory of colour and light gives me a new perspective, opened not only my eyes but also my mind.

Tessen , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Hidden gem , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Rock pool , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Forget Me Not , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Enjoy the moment , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Hope , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Sea waves , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Poppy meadow , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy

Watercolour imaginary meadow , Katarzyna Bialogrzywy