Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Trade and Industry

Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition, Workshops


Antonios Koutouzis

Antonis Koutouzis is a Visual Artist and fabricator specializing in Glass, currently living and working in Murano, Italy. After graduating with an MA in Glass and Ceramics in 2021 from the University of Sunderland, he was offered the Head of Casting position at Berengo Studio, where he realizes projects for renowned Artists. He primarily uses cast and hot glass techniques to create sculptural work, as a way of effectively communicating the topics he explores.

His work expresses an attempt to research and expose certain aspects of philosophical and socio-political issues. He draws inspiration from current and past events that trigger his need to express his views or raise questions that may lead to creative conversations. He views his work as celebration of life, finding beauty in the world by revealing its inadequacies.

Hence, he chooses to use glass as a protagonist within large, often mixed media installations that create an emotional experience which aims to stimulate critical thinking.

'Freedom' Cast glass shackle ball and chain Free blown glass Balloon Found objects, 2022 , David Williams

'Till We Meet Again' Free blown glass balloons, Cast glass syringe 45x30cm each, 2021 , David Williams

'Wrong Place At The Wrong Time' Cast Glass, glass canes, plywood. Installation, 2m x 5m , 2019 , Joanne Howell

'Wrong Place At The Wrong Time' Cast Glass, life-size AR-15 rifle (detail) , 2019 , Joanne Howell

'Reunion' video screenshot, 2018 , Antonis Koutouzis

'Freedom' Cast glass shackle ball and chain (Detail) 2022 , David Williams

'Everything Will Be OK' Life size shields. Glass, metal, found object, 2021 , Rodrigues Goncalves, Ana de Gouveia

'Wrong Place At The Wrong Time' Cast Glass, life-size AR-15 rifle, 2019 , Joanne Howell

'Reunion' Optical Glass, 12 links (9,5x6,5cm) 79cm long, 2018 , Antonis Koutouzis