Technique:Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Christine Lababidi

I was introduced to Glass nearly 10 years ago and became quickly fascinated by how versatile it was as a medium to work with. After completing a course at Kensington and Chelsea College ,I exhibited at The New Designers show in 2016. I’ve had my work shown in the “Celebrations” Exhibition at The International Festival Of Glass and the “Vessels” Exhibition at The Vessel Gallery. I’m also a regular contributor in The Chichester Art Trail.

My work embodies my former life as a dancer, full of fluidity and movement. I endeavour to avoid the conventional and create pieces that are curvy, tactile and textured. The Pate De Verre technique particularly interests me and my work usually becomes the sum of many smaller pieces that eventually evolve into a much larger whole. After a recent trip to Thailand I am currently working on some Coral inspired pieces.

Coral Bowl

Coral Bowl detail

Lichen Dream Catcher Detail

Rhythm Of Life Bowl


Lichen study

Lichen Dream Catcher

Lichen Dream Catcher Detail

Ryhthm Of Life Bowl Detail

Sunset Bowl