Phone:07773 720 929


Region:West Midlands

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Etching

Occupation:Artist, Collector

Discipline:Design, Sculptural, Other

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Manufacturing, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

David Lee

Artist/Designer now specializing in Sculpture/3D construction and print.30+ years International experience in Product,Interior and Architectural design. Having gained wide experience of process and materials technology now concentrating on employing this knowledge to create my own works in a broad range of materials: including; metals, ceramic, glass, wood and mixed media.

After a lengthy illness I am now(2013) returning to my professional practice. My inspiration is drawn, primarily, from Landscape and mans part in its manipulation. I use landscape and the Human condition as a metaphor in expressing concerns and observations on topical events, particularly those relating to the Environment and Politically inspired events. please watch this space for updates to portfolio and activity !!!