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Eunkyoung Lee

EUNKYOUNG LEE is a Korean glass artist and composer. Lee played the piano at an early age, and majored in contemporary music composition. When fate led Lee to glass, she expanded her area of spectrum from auditory to visual. Lee began to professionally study glass when she started attending Korea National University of Arts in 2019. Lee treats glass in a way she composes music, and works on finding a connection between glass and sound.

2021 <GAS Student Exhibition-A Showcase of Emerging, International Talent: Evolution, G. A. S.(U. S. A.)
2021 , Trakya University, Faculty of Fine Arts(Turkey)
2021 , EnvisionArts(U. S. A.)
2021 , Las Laguna Art Gallery(U. S. A.)
2021 , C. G. S.(United Kingdom)
2020 , Dongjak Art Gallery(Seoul, South Korea)
2020 , 251Lab(Seoul, South Korea)
2020 , Samgaksan Citizens Hall Gallery(Seoul, South Korea)
2020 , Bukchon Hanok Village Little Shelter Gallery(Seoul, South Korea)
2019 , Yemack Art Hall(Paju, South Korea)

Video / Music / Project
2020 ART FILM -1. Criss Cross, 2. Happy, 3. Shine a Light(Video Directed by J’Kyun)
2020 TWELVE Digital Single
2019 , Hyeri Art Village

Award / Grant
2021 , Korean Culture and Arts Council
2021 , Korea National University of Arts
2021 , EnvisionArts(Signed. Ginger Cochran)
2020 , Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / Korean Culture and Arts Council / Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
2020 , Korea National University of Arts
2020 , Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
2020 , Seoul Cultural Foundation