Region:Greater London

Technique:Casting, Kiln work

Country:United Kingdom


Leslie Collinson-Lambert

I am capturing moments that record my daughter growing up. My first memory of her is seeing her hands waving in front of me seconds after she was born. Her hands (and feet) never stay still. I witness the energy in their movement every day - this could be from her attempts to catch my attention, or dancing to music or simply running after our dogs - all delivered with her infectious laughter. My interests include investigating how a piece of glass can appear to move or change colour while stationary. Viewing a piece from different angles can achieve this so I am exploring this idea with these pieces. I am using glass to freeze moments in time and also incorporate movement to create a timeline of my daughter’s development..

Moulds were created of her hands and feet and I want them to look like they are pressed against the glass and about to move. This is the start of a long journey working with this idea