Phone:0789 646 9661

Region:South West England

Technique:Cold work, Kiln work, Painting

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Decorative, Design, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Fine Art, Jewellery, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom


Liz Spurway

I am mainly a self-taught artist having been exploring and developing my passion for many years via local art societies and college course/workshops. y work is varied, I like experimenting with different mediums and techniques, including painting in watercoours, acrylics and pastels. In recent years i have adopted a more contemporary style, creating fused glass art wall plaques and pictures, as well as gifts and jewellery, including incorporating glass with silver. Each piece is unique and my designs are drawn from my interest in landscapes, seascapes and buildings incorporating my love of colour. I have recently been sharing my knowledge with others providing courses at my studio in Fairford Gloucestershire

As i like experimenting, I will often be out and about and notice something of interest and immediately wonder if it can be made in glass – and set about trying often with excellent results.
Despite Covid I have taken part in three exhibitions at Dove Gallery, Winchcombe, near Cheltenham in the past 12 months.


my beach huts


A walk through the woods

The King of the Hutch