Region:North West England

Technique:Flame working

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Marketing, Networking

Country:United Kingdom

Emma Mackintosh

Flameworked sculptural and blown glass. Classic and contemporary artisan glass with purpose, taking nature and the natural world as inspiration. Glass lighting and chandeliers as well as gifts, jewellery and homewares.

Working from the heart of the English Lake District, my work is strongly influenced by my surroundings. I work with borosilicate glass, blowing and sculpting it to form a range of gifts, homewares and lighting.

My range of artisan glass lighting and chandeliers shows the detail achievable with flameworking but allows individual components to be added together to make a larger, showstopping article.

'A glass for holding', with fern imprint , Photography by Ward

Fern imprint schnapps glasses , Photography by Ward

Winged dragon goblet , Tim Murray

Chandelier with Edelweiss and Gentians , Tim Murray

Beetroot and bug , Jack Serginson

Market Garden Chandelier , Tim Murray

Damson gin glass with moss imprint , Photography by Ward

Chandelier with Daisies , Tim Murray

Champagne glasses, red stems , Photography by Ward

Chandelier with Blossom and Magnolia , Tim Murray