Region:South West England

Technique:Flame working


Discipline:Decorative, Jewellery, Sculptural

Product:Jewellery, Sculptural

Country:United Kingdom


Madeline Bunyan

I'm a lampworker based in South Devon. I mostly work in the form of beads, but not as you might know them! They are often large, sculptural, and not always wearable. Glass is a kind of magic to me, an evolution, transforming in the flame from cold and hard to molten and glowing. It can be manipulated and layered, I can bring out colours and effects from the metals contained within using flame chemistry, at that moment I’m in control, my choices and movements take immediate effect. But I walk a tightrope, a balance of skill and chance. The colours depend on a mixture of temperature and chemistry, tiny fluctuations give variations across each bead. Even though they may seem a small canvas, the variety can be huge. As the glass slowly cools back to a solid, it retains the essence of its prior fluid state with grace and delicate details to capture and transform light.