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World country:Uruguay

Technique:Casting, Kiln work


Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition, Workshops

Product:Architectural, Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Installations, Jewellery, Public art, Sculptural, Sculpture, Table ware, Wall pieces, Windows


Maria Torrendell

I put glass in a kiln, so I hardly ever know what to expect when I open it's door. Years go by and I am still powerfully drawn to glass, a material that is as fragile as strong, lasting in time, noble and recyclable as transparent and subtle. For me it is a symbol of resilience and truth, a mix between protection and exhibition, and a great medium to express myself. My process is all about experimentation. Maybe as I am a biologist I was trained in research, so I love trying new techniques, and aesthetic approaches. I put the glass in a kiln, so I hardly ever know what to expect when I open its door. I find this surprise very passionate and challenging. Nature is a great source of inspiration for me and I generally work with reused glass, supporting the concept of recycling and caring for the environment.

María is Uruguayan and lives in Montevideo. She has a degree in Biological Sciences. She studied art at the National School of Fine Arts and attended José María Pelayo’s sculpture workshop. She studied glass sculpture in Italy with Silvia Levenson and in Argentina with Karina Del Savio.

Her works are present in private collections in Miami, Portland, Washington, Marbella, Chicago, New York, Oslo, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Bulgaria, China, Japan and José Ignacio.

In 2023 she is selected by the Toyama Glass Art Museum in Japan to exhibit her work in the museum in Toyama.
In 2022 she was selected by the Corning Museum of Glass to be included in the publication New Glass Review 42 and also to participate in the First International Bienniale of Contemporary Material Art in China, exhibiting her work in Beijing.
In 2022 she was also selected to attend the Ibero-American Congress of Women in Glass, Artists and Scientists, in Madrid, Spain, and exhibits her work at the MAVA, Museum of Glass Art in Alcorcón.
She was also invited to give a lecture about her work at the First Glass Art Biennial in Costa Rica.
In 2019 she was selected to participate in the International Glass Biennale in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In 2013 she was selected by the Chelsea International Fine Arts Competition to be present with her work in an exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York.
Between 1993 and 2024 she has participated in several individual and group exhibitions.

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