World country:Canada

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work

Discipline:Design, Fine art, Sculptural

Product:Fine Art, Jewellery, Sculptural, Sculpture


Mary L White

What began as a fascination with the beauty of glass has become a commitment to learning about its specific qualities, and methods of working, that allow glass to speak eloquently and profoundly as an artistic medium. People and place, the human condition, observation of life around me, and internal conversations all inform my art, as do the practices of yoga and meditation. Two themes dominate my current practice: our relationships to one another, and our relationship to the planet. I am currently exploring ways to examine and investigate, with equanimity and compassion, specific subjects under this broad umbrella. I have used images of trees and owls to reference loss of habitat and sometimes incorporate figurative forms to suggests our roles, relationships and responsibilities to issues of concern to me. In all I do, I feel a need to honour the beauty that remains. Kiln forming and casting glass allow me to explore forms in which glass can bring light to issues and subjects, reflecting, refracting, amplifying, revealing and illuminating different aspects as angle and light change.

VISION , Photos by Matea

MIDNIGHT OWL , Studio Photo

HARMONY , Studio Photo

SISTERS , Photos by Matea

DIGNITY , Photos by Matea

IN A HOLE IN A TREE , Studio Photo

CYBORG , Photos by Matea