Zsuzsa Lili Molnár

I used to be an economist who was not living her dreams. I worked in the Accounts Payable department of a multinational company for 6,5 years. At the age of 28 I decided not to blame anyone else for my fate, and started to see company's psychotherapist. At the age of 34 I have enrolled to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and studied 3 years to become a glass designer. To reach this I have done a lot of 'inner work' which appears in my glass statues as well. My aim with the most recent pieces is to emphasize the importance and existence of our and others' feelings. To advertise psychotherapy and consciousness.

Since 2019 I have been working on series on hidden emotions – inherited faith, traumas, transgenerational effects. The series is called Transparent lives, until 15 March, 2024 they are exhibited in the Museum of Galánta, Slovakia. Currently I am working on to show the ‘step-by-step’ healing of the traumatized person. Currently it is in a standing position and hopefully in 2024 ‘winner position’ can be glassified!

I also make jewelry 🙂

Enbodied soul , Dimény Luca

Gaia , Dimény Luca

The alcoholic son , Kocsis Bence

The fat dad , Kocsis Bence

The smiling son , Kocsis Bence

The grieving son , Kocsis Bence

Monsieur Blue , Dimény Luca

The grieving grandson , Dimény Luca

The fat son , Kocsis Bence