Region:West Midlands

Technique:Flame working, Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Conferences, Exhibition, Networking

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Jewellery, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom


Claire Morris

I am a lampwork bead artist based in Staffordshire, trading under the name of Rowanberry Designs or Rowanberry Glass Art. I try to see the bead as more than just something to make jewellery from but a work of art in itself, approaching each bead as if it was a wearable painting or sculpture. I recently have started kiln worked glass to expand my knowledge and horizons.

My biggest inspirations are my love of nature, the stunning scenery, myths, legends and history of the UK. The UK provides me with a great range of sources of inspiration, from mountains, to ancient forests and stone circles. I feel blessed to live in a land that is so rich in the Earth’s bounties and with such a deep and varied history.

Art Nouveau Style Daffodils , Claire Morris

Scottish Mountain, Loch and Tree , Claire Morris

Triple knot Celtic Tree , Claire Morris

Rowan Leaf with Berries , Claire Morris

The River Runs Between , Claire Morris

Cherry Tree in Blossom , Claire Morris

Snowdonia Mountains and Tree , Claire Morris

Starry Night Tree Landscape , Claire Morris

The Green Man , Claire Morris

Scottish Loch, Mountains and Tree , Claire Morris