Technique:Casting, Cold work, Engraving


Discipline:Architectural, Design, Decorative

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Education

Country:United Kingdom

E June Morrison

I am an Edinburgh based sculptor working primarily in the mediums of glass and ceramics. I explore the simplicity of form in combination with pattern and surface texture to explore ideas relating to the human condition. I specialise in casting and engraving techniques. I have just completed my MFA (distinction) in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art and I have exhibited internationally.

I am fascinated by the fundamental need that we all have to make connections with one another. My ‘Connections’ series aims to make tangible these relationships between individuals. Two sculptural forms interact and converse with each other, the solid glass forms convey the power of these relationships, while the bone china element conveys the fragile and complex nature of these connections. The work intends to strip away the complexity to something simple in form and subtle in combination.