Website:http://Instagram: nadiaaioannou

Region:South West England

Technique:Cold work, Engraving, Painting


Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Media

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Networking

Product:Commission, Fine Art, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

County:West Sussex

Nadia Ioannou

I am a Craft Artist living by the coast. I have a background in classical/traditional art, which had given me the basics to embrace other forms of creativity and lead me to engraving. If you are interested in seeing my engraving process or any other behind the scenes relics please follow me on my Instagram, where I can also be contacted for commissions. Thank you

Growing up in a household with an Artist/Painter, I was always surrounded by various form of art and expressionism. I aim to collaborate traditional/contemporary form of Art or painting with Glass Art/ Engraving to form a new manner of expressionism. I am currently working on Engravings that depict symbolic moments in dreams, as well as works from popular culture. I am also looking to learn glass casting and other hot glass work, so I please contact if you have any ideas.

Boots on The Seaside

The Grabbing Hand

Decorative Cup



Owl of Happiness

The Ghibli Spectacle