Region:North East England

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Hot glass


Discipline:Architectural, Decorative, Design

Areas of Interest:Advertising, Conferences, Education

Country:United Kingdom

National Glass Centre

Professional glass artists and ceramicists can hire world class facilities at National Glass Centre, including hot shops, cold working, kilns and flame working equipment. For further information visit Enjoy a changing programme of exhibitions, watch artists blowing glass and join in a range of activities for adults and children. Participate in specialised glassmaking courses. Study Glass and Ceramics at BA, MA and PhD level through the University of Sunderland and purchase handcrafted glass and ceramics in our Shop.

National Glass Centre is a Centre of national excellence supporting the research, teaching, production, exhibition and enjoyment of contemporary glass. Please visit to find out more.

Hot Glass Studio , Facilities Available For Hire

Falorni Electric Furnaces

Glass Blwoing Demonstration

Diamond Flatbed Grinder

Moog Casting Kiln

Waterjet Facilities

De la Torre Brothers Exhibition

Flame Working Facilities