Region:South East England

Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques

Product:Fine Art, Sculptural, Sculpture

Country:United Kingdom

Heidi Nicholson

I'm an artist currently studying BA Glass at UCA Farnham.

I am fascinated by the nature of glass, and its manipulation using both hot glass techniques and kiln forming. My current research focuses on uniting glassblowing and ladle casting to create intriguing spaces within cast glass.

Closeup of Selene's Welcome , Heidi Nicholson

Closeup of Two & Three Quarters , Heidi Nicholson

Closeup of Forty , Heidi Nicholson

Closeup of Twelve , Heidi Nicholson

Twenty , Heidi Nicholson

Closeup of Twenty , Heidi Nicholson

Closeup of Fifty One , Heidi Nicholson

Two & Three Quarters , Heidi Nicholson

Selene's Welcome , Heidi Nicholson

The Seven Ages of Woman , Heidi Nicholson