Nicola Schellander

Nicola Schellander offers a unique service as one of the only craftsmen of both hand-blown, hand-carved and hand-polished crystal and glass in the UK. Based in North Devon in the South West of England, the studio creates exciting and elegant glass lighting & accessories. Each hand-blown piece is the only one of its kind, using old and traditional techniques combined with cutting edge technology, with Nicola Schellander being the only company in the UK to combine such unique processes. Informed by her passion for innovation and years of experience as Head of Design for crystal factories and skill as a glassblower.

Beautiful collections are a unique reference to the U.K. craft heritage of crystal, combined with the soft forms of traditional glassblowing. A fully customisable modular collection of sculptural pendant lighting where forms, colours and flex finishes are all made to suit the customer or design client.
The lighting brand was launched at 100% Design – London in Oct 2019.
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