Technique:Casting, Flame working, Kiln work


Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Workshops


Instagramm: anne.notebaert

Anne Notebaert

Anne Notebaert studied glass art at the Academie Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium, 2006–2010, and at the Glass Departement of IKA(Institute for Crafts and arts)in Mechelen, Belgium, 2011-2018

Anne Notebaert is looking for the simple balance in nature, the beauty of the sea, the everyday things of life you meet everywhere without paying attention to them.
Her glasssware smells of the sea and touches the sky.
Her work comes from a fascination for sea acorns, little beauties on the beach. The first glassware was simple and poetic, later she tried to show a realistic image of seasponges.
Looking for new techniques and experimenting her work has become more abstract. So her work of art is more like a surprising, amazing creation. And this new emotion is not anymore related to the original marine animal. Only the astonishment of the first discovery lasts.

Sea-perfume , Notebaert Anne

Sea perfume , Notebaert Anne

Zeevonk , Anne Notebaert

Rood , Notebaert Anne

Buisjesspons , Anne Notebaert

Rimpeling , Anne Notebaert