Region:South West England

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Hot glass



Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Manufacturing

Country:United Kingdom


Ian Palfrey

My collection includes pieces based on these Roman cage cups, using 3D to design and print them before casting in glass. The process is a variation of the lost wax method which has been used for hundreds of years to create objects in glass and metals. Other designs are made from a cast of an airplane my grandfather made, with this design I use cast and blown glass to create my plane in bubble collection I design the pieces myself on a computer using 3D software and I have purchased my own 3D printer so I can keep control on the items I print, and keep the costs down rather than outsourcing.

Hanging Cage Cup (Silver) , Ian palfrey

Coral Cage Cup , Parr Photographic

Planes Banking , Paul Mounsey

Roman Cage Cup , Parr Photographic

Church Font , Paul Mounsey

Bowl , Paul Mounsey

2 Planes in Bubble , Paul Mounsey

Latin Cage Cup , Parr Photographic

Plant Bowl