Region:South East England

Technique:Cold work, Engraving Etching


Discipline:Architectural, Design, Decorative

Areas of Interest:Conferences, Exhibition, Publications

Country:United Kingdom

Vital Peeters

VITAL PEETERS was born in 1960.He graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Fine Art and History of Art in 1987. He started his Glass Studio in Oxford in 1990.Publication: 'Stained Glass, the art of crafts' by Vital Peeters, Autumn 1999, Crowood Press.He opens his studio for the Oxford Artweeks every year. (in May) at 538, Banbury Road, Oxford) Tel 01865 512761The artist also shows his stone sculptures in his studio garden.

Public commissions: the foyer window at Linacre College, Synagogue window, Chapel windows at Churchill Hospital, Sobell House in Oxford and St Christopher’s hospice in London, Psychologgy Press HQ windows, Warneford Hospital windows, anniversary windows for Oxford Town Hall, Leiden Town Hall (The Netherlands) and the Stoke Mandeville prayer room window in Aylesbury.Windows for Wakefield building, Downe House, School, Berkshire.Ongoing project with young Mental Health service users for Artscape.

fused and bonded glass for Whiteleaf meditation room , Vital Peeters

centrifugal bowl , Vital Peeters

glass canvases , Vital Peeters

anti sevre bowl , Vital Peeters

Whiteleaf hospital window detail. , Vital Peeters

free mould slumped piece , Vital Peeters

Whiteleaf hospital window detail , Vital Peeters

mutant , Vital Peeters

glass screen , Vital Peeters

dancer , Vital Peeters