Region:South West England

Country:United Kingdom


Robin Bussell

Coming from an engineering background, I have taken up making with glass, attracted by its consistency and homogeneity which enables me to explore the effects of processes somewhat systematically while allowing a wide range of artistic expression. I produce fused and blown glass with a strong geometric bias.

I have been exploring the use of controlled matrices of stringers in warm glass fusing to provide permutations of colour, and refractive index, interactions as air is trapped during the firing, Recombining these sub units in symmetric patterns, then firing again, can create kaleidoscopic illusions of depth and compelling cadences of colour and shade.

I often embrace digital manufacture in my work, programming and making tools to aid my geometric compositions.

I also collaborate with artist Charlie Murphy on the electronic and technical side of a variety of glass and mixed media projects, most recently exhibited at the acclaimed show “The State Of Us” at the Lowry gallery.
As team Photonic Excitors we recently joined in with Linz virtual brain / computer interface hackathon and achieved third place with our 3D printed fibre optic EEG headset prototype.

Varigate tesellate bowl , Photo: Robin Bussell

Bigradient tesselate bowl , Photo: Leigh Pittaway

Airplay centrifuge , Photo: Leigh Pittaway

macrobubble , Photo: Leigh Pittaway

perspective vortex , photo:Leigh Pittaway

Blowing blue , Photo: Leigh Pittaway

Depth of Field , Photo: Robin Bussell

Earthstar , Photo: Leigh Pittaway

Droplet , Photo: Robin Bussell