Region:East Midlands

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work


Discipline:Installation, Public art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Sponsorship

Product:Commission, Installations, Sculpture

Country:United Kingdom


Daniel Rollitt

I am a glass and ceramic artist specialising in creating kiln-formed sculptural, architectural, and site-specific artwork. Traditional and digital techniques are often combined to create work based upon my observations of the natural world. I exploit glass’s unique material properties, including its transmittance of light, and optics, often incorporating depth and multiple perspectives into my work. I’m currently exploring the theme of intangibility and hidden elements. Some of my successes include being selected as a finalist in the British Glass Biennale in August 2017, and Bullseye Emerge in June 2018. I graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2018 in Glass & Ceramics gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree and have set up my own studio near Lincoln. I plan to continue entering work into competitions/exhibitions, taking on commissions, and producing my own work for galleries across the UK.

I am currently producing glass installations for exhibitions/competitions, as well as producing decorative wall art on a range of themes that I will be submitting to galleries soon.
I am also producing three-dimensional social ceramic wares to fund my passion for glass and raise money for charities.
All my work is unique and hand-crafted by myself.

Body Beautiful , Photo: David Williams

Hidden Within Plain Sight , Photo: David Williams

Spirits of the sea I , Photo: Jo Howell

Masks , Daniel Rollitt

Anthropocene: Trees, lungs of the Earth , Daniel Rollitt

Spirits of the sea II , Photo: Jo Howell

Intangible , Photo: Jo Howell

Love, Rivalry & Magic! , Photo: Daniel Rollitt

Anthropocene: Glacial Melt , Daniel Rollitt