Country:United States

Rose Hagan

Rose Hagan was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Connecticut, and became a Californian when she attended Stanford University and fell in love with Northern California. After a successful career as an intellectual property lawyer, Rose turned her passion for art into a second career. Glass seduced her with its contrasts: it can transmit and reflect light and color, it can be both fragile and strong. Rose creates kiln-formed tableware, sculptures, wall art and furniture inspired by nature and color. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in California and Missouri and is in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada, Germany and Israel.

I enjoy all the variety glass offers: brilliant colors, transparency and opacity, different sizes, shapes and forms. Kiln-formed glass suits my personality, as I am analytical and a perfectionist, so it gives me time to get things “just so.”

My recent work has been inspired by Richard Parrish’s Tapestry technique (I have had the wonderful opportunity to take two workshops with Richard), pushing the technique in different directions to make it my own.

Optic Weave - Red/Blue

Optic Weave Platter - Spring

Data Waves