Region:Northern Ireland

Occupation:Trade and Industry

Areas of Interest:Advertising, Networking, Publications

Country:United Kingdom


Catriona Johnston

Safety Protection Glasses carry a variety of glassblowing safety glasses which are suitable for hot glasswork, furnace and scientific applications. Each type of glassblowing / glasswork requires its own set of specialised filters which you can read more about on our website and we will be sure to have one to suit your needs. Many of our filters come in prescription and non-prescription versions which will save you changing your glasses while you work. Our glass lenses are made with Schott optical quality German glass and our plastic lenses are scientifically engineered to provide you with the best VLT in their class. Our lenses include protection from IR, UV and sodium flare and come in a variety of shades and combinations. We also carry a range of glassblowing tools including multi stoppers and mashers.

Model Geek Rad09

Polycarbonate Sodium Flare, Model 600

Model JY7 Glassworking Safety Glasses – BoroTruView 5.0

Silicone Multi-Stopper

Quartz Working Split Lens Spectacles (Bicolours)

BoroTruView 3.0, Model 70F

Lampworking Bench Mount Shield, polycarbonate sodium flare

Truly Parallel masher

Neoprene Multi-Stopper